December 27, 2014

The 5 Coolest Iphone Apps For Techies

The apple iphone is not only a lovely searching bit of package that enables you to definitely call people, it's a lot more than that. Since purchasing an apple iphone, my existence has turned into a lot simpler because of all individuals great applications available through the Application Store I personally use them to buy my weekly groceries, make dinner bookings, play scrabble with my buddies from around the globe, discover the title and artist of the song using the stereo system inside a bar, discover once the next train likely to my destination arrives. I have become so dependant, I'd be lost without them. It's equally helpful when I am at the office I've got a technical role inside the IT industry and Let me share 5 applications that I have found indispensable.


Picture the scene, I am carrying out a computer network upgrade in my customer on-site, I've found that certain from the bits of hardware I am said to be setting up is accurate arrival (DOA). I want a alternative, fast. I turn on my RedLaser application and just scan the barcode around the outdoors from the box RedLaser rapidly produces a listing of nearby shops which have my item available. I call the store, buy the item over the telephone, request taxis to gather it and produce it in my experience. My customer is impressed by using technology to resolve this type of problem that is what he takes note of and why I still can give them further IT solutions.

 'cisco' Global Internet Speed Test

I really make use of this application to determine the standard from the wi-fi connection I am using, I actually do this whenever I play internet poker via my apple iphone. The main reason I actually do this really is simple if the standard from the connection is poor, I select not play at high stakes incase I am involved with a large pot and lose connectivity. The greater quality the bond, the greater the stakes I play. This could be also a usefeul tool whenever using a person that utilizes a radio network.

'cisco' Mobile 8.1

This awesome application enables me to create voice calls over any wi-fi network using Voip (Voice over internet protocol) rather than making the phone call using my mobile carriers' network. The organization Sometimes for includes a Voice over internet protocol telephone system that utilizes 'cisco' Unified Communications Manager I merely connect with the organization network when I am at the office, or I connect with the organization network utilizing a virtual private network (VPN) when I am from work and my calls are routed on the internet rather than my pricey company network. It has saved us a bundle.

Network Ping

A really awesome application indeed that enables me to ping not just a single Ip, but additionally an entire subnet via my apple iphone. My apple iphone shows shows all addresses inside the subnet, saying which addresses will work, which addresses have trouble and which addresses aren't around the network any longer. I'm also able to make use of this application to Telnet right into a router and to carry out a Traceroute command. Ive used this application like a beginning point when debugging IP based systems and recommend it.

Statistics Professional

You will find a lot of applications that access Google Statistics based data for the website, however this is undoubtedly the very best I have encounter. The details are presented very nicely also it consists of all of the most basic options that come with Google Statistics for example site visitors, traffic sources, website content, plus any goals or e-commerce related data that you have requested to become reported on. You can handle several Google Statistics account and export that data to pdf and text format. I have become hooked on checking this site statistics via this application with the standard from the presentation utilized in this application, I am certain you'll too.

December 07, 2014

Sony Xperia Z3 compact

Sony Xperia Z3 compact is a water and dust proof Android smartphone made by Sony. Xperia Z3 compact featuring new display, Snapdragon 801 chipset as well as the ability to record 4K video. In addition, this smartphone can also play a PS 4 games thorugh remote play.

Smartphone that was released on October 2014, came with good design. Still using the "Omni-Balance design like its predecessor the Z1 compact. If You want to buy the Xperia Z3 compact, study the specifications and features first on paragraph below.


ManufacturerSony Mobile Communications
SeriesSony Xperia
ModelD5803, D5833, SO-02G
Compatible networks
D5803: GSM, 3G, HSPA+, LTE
First released
4 October 2014; 2 months ago(Singapore)
13 October 2014; 55 days ago(United States)
12 November 2014; 25 days ago(Japan, SO-02G variant exclusively for NTT DoCoMo)
PredecessorSony Xperia A2
Sony Xperia Z1 Compact
RelatedSony Xperia Z1
Sony Xperia Z2
Sony Xperia Z3
TypeTouchscreen smartphone
Form factorSlate, Omni-Balance
Dimensions127.3 mm (5.01 in) H
64.9 mm (2.56 in) W
8.6 mm (0.34 in) D
Weight129 g (4.6 oz)
Operating system
Android 4.4.4 KitKat (current)
Android 5.0 Lollipop (Early-2015)[3]
System on chipQualcomm Snapdragon 801
CPU2.5GHz quad-core Krait 400
GPUAdreno 330
Memory2 GB
Storage16 GB
Removable storageUp to 128 GB microSDXC
Batterynon-user removable Li-ion 2600mAh
Data inputsMulti-touch, capacitive touchscreen,proximity sensor
Display4.6 in (120 mm) diagonal IPS LCD
720x1280 px (319 PPI)
Rear camera20.7MP still image w/ 4k video recording
Front camera2.2MP
OtherAvailable in black, white, orange and green
IP65/IP68 (Dust protected, Water jet protected & Waterproof)
Remote Play
Magnetic charge port
Osaifu-Keitai (SO-02G variant only)
NOTTV (SO-02G variant only)
POBox Plus (SO-02G variant only)

Pros and constraint

[+] Lovely design.
[+] 4K video recording ability.
[+] Can play PS 4 games via remote play.
[+] Complete connectivity features.
[+] Water and dust proof with IP rating of IP65 and IP68.
[+] Support up to 128 GB microSD card.
[+] Lollipop Android update.

[-] Non Removable battery,
[-] Sound isn't loud.


December 06, 2014

Sony Xperia C3 selfie smartphone

Sony Xperia C3 is a best world smartphone for selfie made by Sony. It has 5 MP front camera as well as 8 MP rear camera. Was released first time in Augustus 2014 on Chinese market and followed to the global market.

Here is Sony Xperia C3 specifications:

ManufacturerSony Mobile Communications
SeriesSony Xperia
ModelD2502, S55t, S55u
Availability by countryJuly 2014 (announced)
August 2014 (China)
PredecessorSony Xperia C
RelatedSony Xperia C
TypeTouchscreen smartphone
Form factorSlate
Dimensions156.2 x 78.7 x 7.6 mm
Weight150 g
Operating systemAndroid 4.4.2 KitKat
System on chipQualcomm Snapdragon MSM8926 400
CPU2.3 GHz quad-core Krait(2.3 GHz Qualcomm MSM8926 Quad Core)
GPUAdreno 305
Memory1 GB RAM
Storage8 GB Exmor RS (1080p video recording)
Removable storageUp to 32 GB microSDXC
Batterynon-user removable Li-ion2500 mAh
Data inputsMulti-touch, capacitivetouchscreen, proximity sensor
Display5.5 in (140 mm) diagonal IPS LCD
HD 1280x720 px (267 ppi)
Rear camera8 MP with autofocus and LED flash
Front camera5 MP PROselfie camera with LED Flash (720p video recording)
Bluetooth 4.0
USB 2.0 (Micro-B port, USB charging)
3.50 mm (0.138 in) headphone jack, 5 pole
OtherAvailable in black, white and mint color
Sony Exmor RS for Mobile
Smile shutter
Wi-Fi Miracast

Pros and Cons

Sony Xperia C3 pros and cons:

[+] 5 MP front camera, good for selfie.
[+] Big screen display.
[+] Big Battery Capacity, 2500 mah which offer long standby time.
[+] Good design.
[+] 4G or LTE network connection.

[-] No HDMI.
[-] Non removable battery.